UL Designed Floor/Ceiling Fire Ratings


Whether you have a wood frame structure, or a steel and precast plank building, there's going to be a Floor/Ceiling Assembly specified by the architect. The assemblies are designed with a 1 Hour Fire rating or more, and just about every one of those designs requires Gypsum Cement.  The products we carry will satisfy the requirements of the assembly, and give you the Compressive Strengths you need for your floor finishes.


Sound Control


When building a Multi-Family structure Sound Control becomes a Major Consideration.  A Quiet Building is a Happy Building, which will be Full of Income Producing Tenants.  And the key to a Quiet Building is Sound Mat.  With thicknesses ranging from the economical 1/8" to the luxury 3/4" we have the solution for any STC and IIC Rating you have to meet for Code.  


Floor Leveling


If you run into a floor where the tolerance is outside of what you need, we can get you back to Level Ground.  Sometimes the building you are renovating has a good floor that doesn't need to be replaced, but it feels like a rollercoaster when you walk across it.  Other times the subcontractor that installed your new floor just had a bad day.  No worries, that's when our technicians come in with Laser Guns blazing.  We will shoot your floor out, set leveling pins, and pour to the tops of those pins.  The result is a floor you can play marbles on. 


Floor Renovation for "Smooth and Flat"


Maybe you don't need a floor dead on Level.  Maybe you just have a floor that's not exactly in the shape you'd like for receiving new finishes.  We've got solutions for you.  Using products with compressive strengths from 2500 PSI to upwards of 5200 PSI we can cover up to 25,000 square feet in 1 day with 3/4" to get the floor smooth and flat and ready for floor goods.  We do your floor prep for you, so all your floor goods installer needs to do is "Sling Glue and Lay Tile". 


Radiant Heat Thermal Mass


A Radiant Heating System is one of the most efficient ways to heat a structure.  The main reason it works is that the Gypsum Cement that encases the hot water tubes and turns the entire surface area of the floor into a giant Radiator.  With Gypsum Cement being virtually universally accepting of any type of floor finish, there are no limits when it comes to your desires for your floor designs.